Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Dispatch From London: Tea At St. James

How fitting it is that our little blog began so inauspiciously eleven years ago today at the St. James in London, having afternoon tea.  We strolled through Windsor Castle on that trip and, yes, even through the very St. George's Chapel where Prince Harry will exchange vows with American Meghan Markle as the entire world tunes in to watch.  Whatever one's stand on the modern idea of a Monarchy might be it will never stop the avalanche of media coverage that is now happening.  Millions and millions of people the world over will be watching the ceremony, including millions of Americans who will be up before dawn to watch it live. 

We love the pomp and circumstance, the ceremonial glory and, yes, the romance.  I can tell you personally that when one stands in that dining room at that table where one hundred guests can be seated, with the glow of candles, the flowers arranged so perfectly, the glittering sterling silver centerpieces, the fine china perfectly arranged with the use of a measuring stick, it is overwhelmingly elegant and impressive.  It's not bad for the weekend getaway they mostly use it for.  Not bad at all.

And although this blog may not be getting millions of viewers today we actually have had millions over the years.  People from all over the world, many on their way to Boston and they want to know exactly what everyone else wants to know when they travel:  Where should I eat?  Where should I go?  What should I do?  They seem to enjoy it and we love doing it.  Hopefully, we'll be around for eleven more years.  And we thank you for the love and support!

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