Saturday, November 9, 2019

Holiday Gifting

Yes, it's that time of year.  Although many people in our social remit are turning away from the more materialistic side of the holidays in favor of dinners, get-togethers and events it is always nice to have a small gift for the host.  Food-related and edible gifts of quality will never go out of style, especially when it's one that you just know they will enjoy but never get for themselves.

Here's a great one from local candy company McCrea's.  They make superior quality products.  There are many others that we will be featuring over the coming weeks, not to steal the idea of "favorite things" but simply to feature all of things available locally.  It is our preference that all gifting should be from local vendors including home-made gifts that really mean something.  

We make be kicking off the holiday season early but when we find something nice we just want to share it.  Happy holidays!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Head Of The Charles Regatta 2019

Paul Cho and Yejin Song.

It was crystal clear, beautiful autumnal weather for the first day of the Head Of The Charles Regatta 2019, the largest rowing event of the year and a grand tradition in Cambridge.  We mixed and mingled with a truly international crowd and lots of friends attending at the Cambridge Boat Club and in the Directors Tent, a comfy front row seat for all of the festivities.  

It's not over yet, though.  The 55th annual HOCR continues tomorrow, predicted to be another spectacular day.  Don't miss this.  It's like going to the Olympics right here in Boston.  If you can't make it, enjoy the pics!

Evan Zarba and Martha, Betsy, Mary and Julie Sampson.

With Beverly Bourell.

We attended this event as members of the press/media.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Buffalo Chicken Pull-Apart Bread

This is a great fall snack, perfect for those cool weather, last picnics of the season you want to squeeze in like the one you may be having this week at the Head Of The Charles Regatta (where we'll be).  It is different, delicious and sure to be a hit with everyone who likes buffalo chicken wings.  Let me know how long your loaf lasts.  It's addictive!

Buffalo Chicken Pull-Apart Bread


Cooking spray
6 tbsp butter, melted
⅓ cup Moore's Original Buffalo Wing Sauce
1/8 tsp garlic powder
1/8 tsp salt
1 ½ cups shredded cooked chicken (Perfect for leftovers from a roast chicken dinner).
2 green onions, finely chopped
1 (16 oz) container jumbo biscuits
½ cup blue cheese, crumbled


1 Preheat oven to 400°F. Line a 9x5-inch loaf pan with parchment and coat parchment with the cooking spray.

2 In a large bowl, stir together the butter, hot sauce, garlic powder, and salt. Add the chicken and green onions, tossing until well coated.

3 Separate the biscuits into 16 rounds of dough. Working with one at a time, flatten with hands and spoon 2–3 tbsp chicken mixture onto center. Flatten another biscuit and place on top. Continue filling and stacking, and then arrange biscuit loaf horizontally in loaf pan.

4 Drizzle any leftover butter mixture from bottom of bowl on top. Sprinkle with the blue cheese. Bake 20–30 min., until top is golden brown and dough is cooked through. Serve warm.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Jo's American Bistro, Newport

On our recent trip to Newport we enjoyed dinner at Jo's American Bistro.  In fact, we spend so much time exploring the food scene there that people are starting to joke that we are also known as The Newport Foodie!  You may recall that we visited Jo's on our spring Newport tour and loved it so much we made plans to go back.

First off, it's in a great location just off Bellevue and around the corner from the Tennis Hall Of Fame.  The place is new and the design is clean and bright but classic, exactly what one would expect at a modern bistro.  Although we were dining fairly early the place was nearly full and by the time we left seemed at capacity.  

We began with the Seared Scallops.  These were served with an andouille sausage and corn puree.  There is no better combination than fresh scallops and sweet corn at the peak of harvest but that sausage added a new dimension we'd not experienced before.  It worked very well, playing off the saltiness, brine and sweet combination.

My main was the Grilled Shrimp And Risotto.  A perfect portion of nicely done shrimp on a bed of creamy risotto was, again, very well turned out and a great example of quality versus quantity.  I loved it and would go back for more.

 My dining companion went with the Tenderloin, a nightly special - in short supply.  The filet was melt-in-your-mouth good and the Scalloped Potatoes it was served with was layered beautifully, more like a croissant than the typical slosh of sliced potato.  Delicious.

Because we'd been tasting wines and snacking on numerous sweets all day we opted out on wine with dinner and for dessert we enjoyed the last few rays of sun over Newport Harbor.  A wonderful end to the classic and satisfying meal.  We also got the chance to say hello to owner Joann Carson, a legendary Newport food and hospitality pro.  After years owning and working in many local food establishments she has really hit the nail on the head with this classy yet casual setting serving fine fare.

Jo's American Bistro
24 Memorial Boulevard West
Newport, RI  02840
Telephone:  401.847.5506


We were invited to dine here as members of the press/media with no promise of any editorial consideration or financial remuneration.  So, yeah, if we didn't like it you'd know that, too.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival 2019 Grand Tasting

It was glorious weather but, then again, it always is.  Our weekend in Newport for the Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival was capped with the Grand Tasting on Saturday at Marble House.  

Of course there is wine (that flows freely) and always a new vintage, vineyard and blend to discover.  There is also plenty of food to sample.  Like lobster.  

And meat.  Since Dole & Bailey became one of the major sponsors there is lots of grilled seafood and meat.  It may be the most popular spot at the event.

What we enjoy the most, however, are the people, the chance to meet new friends from all over the country and world.  There are couples traveling together for an exciting weekend, the young lovers scoping out possible wedding venues, the wine-lovers, the mansions-lovers and the usual assortment of beautiful people.

Chef Jeremy Kean of Brassica Kitchen.

Of course there are the chefs, many of which have the opportunity to demo how they prepare a dish against the stunning backdrop of Newport.

Finish it all off with live music and all kinds of food product samples from candy to coffee and lots of laughter and great conversation and you have all of the reasons that we attend this event every year.  And you should, too.  

So, here is the best news of all:  our readers now have the chance to purchase tickets for the 2020 events and LOCK IN THE 2019 PRICES.  That's right, if your purchase your tickets by December 25, 2019 you will avoid any price increases.  Of course, we all know how the price of everything is going up, especially imported goods.  If interested (and this is a great gift idea, obviously) you can purchase tickets here or by calling 401.847.1000.  It's a great deal and without question the best gift you will give this holiday season.  When calling just mention that you got the offer from The Boston Foodie.


We attended this event as members of the media with no promise of any editorial consideration or financial remuneration.

All photos copyright The Boston Foodie 2019

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Rosé All Day With Chateau d'Eclans

It was rosé all day with Brand Ambassador Kaylee of Chateau 
d'Eclans recently at the Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival 2019.  Stylish right down to her toes she shared the story of Whispering Angel and other wines produced by the legendary French winery.

Rosé wine was totally looked down upon by wine snobs not all that many years ago and it was really a credit to Chateau d'Eclans and particularly their longtime Ambassador Paul Chaisson that it has become not only acceptable but even fashionable.  We missed you this year, Paul!


We were invited to attend this wine festival as members of the media with no promise of any editorial consideration.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Cheese And Port At The Tea House Pagoda

Dan McElligot, Certified Cheese Specialist at Dole & Bailey.

Our favorite seminar at Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival 2019 was the cheese and port wine pairing conducted by Dan McElligot of Dole & Bailey, one of the major sponsors of the weekend.  First off, this guy KNOWS his cheese.  We tasted a very buttery, creamy Torta del Casar soft cheese which was matched with Graham's 10 Tawny Port.  Absolutely beautiful.  Taken together the combination leaves a smooth layer of an almost chocolate flavor on the tongue.

Second was the Highlon Blue Stilton Cheese (made in Lee, MA) and paired with Don's 2012 Late Bottled Vintage Porto.  The cheese had none of that moldy sort of taste that turns some people off of a good blue cheese.  Speckled with ribbons of red (signifying a newer cheese) and black, the pairing, again, was a sheer flavor delight.  

We'll be on the lookout for all of these products and are now inspired to have our own port and cheese tastings with family and friends.



We were invited to this event as members of the media with no promise of any editorial consideration.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Breakfast At Stoneacre Brasserie, Newport

Early morning breakfast pastries at Stoneacre Brasserie, Newport.

We visited Stoneacre Brasserie in Newport for breakfast recently.  We'd been for afternoon snacks and drinks before but not for breakfast.  First of all, we love the design of this place.  It looks and feels like a traditional French brasserie, open early to late (12:30 AM on weekends) and serving solid fare. 

There are several dining areas within.  The front room is the main dining area, faces the street and is the spot for those fashionable types who want to be seen.  There is a quieter spot on one side and hi top tables on the other for a fun group dining experience and the back holds a more romantic nook where a thick drape could be pulled across for all you celebrities who want more private dining.

The cafe au lait is great, a good, strong cup with a nice foam, and the freshly squeezed orange juice may just be the best we've ever had at a restaurant.  We relaxed and perused the menu.  There was never any rush at all, just like service in Paris.  

They source locally as much as possible.  I went with the Cheesy Scrambled Eggs On Bolo.  The cheddar cheese was barely detectable to look at and delivered a smooth but unmistakable taste.  I loved the fact that this was served on a bolo roll with it's soft texture and sweeter taste.  Delicious.

My dining companion had the same eggs served with greens and toast, also done well.

Stoneacre also has a takeout case featuring freshly-baked pastries that we can assure you are out of this world.  No skimping on the freshest, highest quality ingredients here.  There is also a pantry where other local foods and goods are on sale.

It's classic, simple but sophisticated, quality food delivered on a consistent basis.  They also have an excellent wine list.  And, yes, we will be back again.  

Stoneacre Brasserie
28 Washington Square
Newport, RI  02840
Telephone:  401.619.7810


Sunday, September 22, 2019

Wine And Rosecliff 2019

With Nancy Matheson Burns of Dole & Bailey

We attended the Wine & Rosecliff Gala to open the Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival 2019 last Friday and what a grand affair it was.  Everyone was talking all weekend about how it was the best Rosecliff Gala of all.  From the Chefs and the delicious food, the great wines, the people and the dancing to the elegant setting it was a great kickoff to the New England social season and Boston was well-represented.

Chefs Will Gilson and Brian Mercury, Puritan & Co.

Chef Rachel Klein, Tastemakers Group.

Dean Igoe and Nancy Matheson Burns.

TBF with Board Member John Rodman and Preservation Society CEO Trudy Coxe (C).

Chef Andy Teixeira, Brix at Newport Vineyards.

Chef Christopher Bender, Stoneacre Brasserie.

The gang from Cocktail Guru.

Don Julio was service up some refreshing cocktails.

The ladies of Whispering Angel, a very popular sip.

Dean Igoe, photographer.

We'll be posting more of the other events and restaurants we visited while in Newport during the Festival including some behind-the-scenes peeks.  Stay tuned.

We attended this event as members of the media without promise of any editorial consideration.