Tuesday, September 25, 2018

ATK Eats 2018 Celebration

Bridget, Julia, Adam, Dan - they were all there.  And then, of course, the food.  The second annual ATK Eats event was recently held at the Innovation And Design Center, home to their new digs, and it was just fantastic. 

There were tons of local restaurants representing dishes, desserts and, yes, there was plenty to drink as well.

Future Chefs were on hand to help prep the dishes for the hundreds of visitors who made their way over to the Seaport District for the event. 

There were lots of great tastes here but our prize went to these Peanut Butter And Foie Mousse With Grand Mariner Jelly And Smoked Almond Flour Macarons by Chef Aaron Lahmon of The Ghost Walks.  Incredible!

I am not quite sure how we missed this event last year but there is no doubt that we will be there next year!


We attended this event as supporters of Future Chefs.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Happy 25TH To Cooks Illustrated

Chef Will Gilson of Puritan And Company.  Chef also confirmed that we will be seeing him again next Friday at Wine And Rosecliff in Newport, Rhode Island.
Will Gilson of Puritan And Company was there.  And so were many more chefs, restaurants and guests as we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Cooks Illustrated magazine.  It was the only place to be last Friday night and a very fun night of celebrating and talking about, what else, food. 

There were not any cooking demos or anything like that.  It was a time to celebrate and celebrate we did chatting with many of the cooks who bring America's Test Kitchen to life.

One of the most interesting attendees was Chefsteps.  Their goal is to bring sous vide cooking to the masses and we think that's a good thing.

And, of course, the hard-working young people from Future Chefs, our favorite foodie non-profit were there to help out and serve up a delicious codcake.

Happy Anniversary to Cooks Illustrated!


We were invited to this event as members of the media without promise of any editorial consideration.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Bloggers On Film: A SIMPLE FAVOR

Rotten Tomatoes lists a VERY high anticipation level for A SIMPLE FAVOR, the new film with Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively.  It opens on September 14 but this week we had a special preview along with a bunch of bloggers, vloggers and media. The main character (Kendrick) is a mommy vlogger who gets drawn into a murder mystery. 
 I absolutely loved this film and all the quirky twists and turns it takes, at times like a Hitchcock style story with real suspense and at other times quite funny as it skewers stereotypes in some subtle and not so subtle ways.  Blake Lively plays her character very well, filling the screen with what will become the iconic cinematic psycho role that every decade has.  The writing is excellent and the casting is on point right down to the little kid who is quite convincing in his role. 
I don't go out  to movies as often as friends at all (I'm more to be found in a restaurant) and it is extremely rare that I rave about one that I see.  Go see this one.  You won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Newport Mansions Wine And Food Festival Planner

As much as we all hate to admit it Summer is on the wane.  Yet, as lucky New-Englanders we have Autumn sailing in.  And that can only mean that it's time for the best event of the Fall social season:  Newport Mansions Wine And Food Festival.

It's not only one of the most sophisticated weekends but also truly fun and everybody should enjoy it once in their lifetime.  We typically attend Wine And Rosecliff on Friday evening then get a good night's sleep and enjoy breakfast in town before we head over to the Grand Tasting at Marble House as early as possible.  Keep in mind that you will be parking at Easton Beach and riding a shuttle to the event.  It WILL be crowded.

This year famed fashion designer Zac Posen will be on hand to talk food and whip up a recipe from his cookbook COOKING WITH ZAC.  That means that the fashionistas will be out in full force so dress to impress!   A full list of events can be found here:  Newport Mansions Wine And Food Festival.

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sweetgreen At Lovejoy

One never knows what fashionably influential people one will meet when attending a summer party, especially when whisked up in the elevator to the private 18th floor for snacks, drinks and the view at Lovejoy Boston.  Great to bump into Elissa Garza of Stylewire there.

They say that this this area and the Navy Yard are going to be the next Seaport District when it comes to real estate development as well as new hotels, great dining and shopping.  And although we hope it is not overdeveloped too quickly (as in the Seaport) we have to admit you just can't beat the views.

We were there to celebrate the new menu items being introduced by Sweetgreen and everything we had was delicious.  We noshed on Watermelon Green Goddess Slices, Grilled Peach And Burrata Flatbreads, Grilled Chicken Legs With Blackened Marinade and Chickpea Sliders.

A new restaurant is already about to open right on Lovejoy Wharf (more on that later) and a new boutique hotel is already in the works for the Navy Yard.  Now what to do about all that traffic!  In any case, it will be a new place to visit in the city in this long-neglected area.


Saturday, August 11, 2018

Cambridge Char And Bar Wars

We had a great time with about 500 new friends in Central Square recently attending the annual Char And Bar Wars hosted by the Cambridge Chamber Of Commerce.

Some of the most talented Cambridge chefs and mixologists were competing for the title of the very best burger and summer cocktail. And, of course, we didn't mind the sampling!

The moment we tasted this burger from Chef Graeham Henderson of Amuse in Cambridge we declared it our winner.  Rich, sweet, salty with both creamy and crunchy textures and a wallop of layered flavors, it was absolutely delicious. 

Then there were the drinks.  This Oh My Guava from Christopher's in Porter Square really hit the spot on a warm night.  It was fruity, fresh and not too sweet.  Clearly our favorite sip.

Needless to say both our choices were the crowd-picked winners!  Congrats to all the contenders and participants in this very fun summer event we'll be at for years to come.  The dining and sipping scene in Cambridge has never been so vibrant!


Monday, July 30, 2018

Joe's American Bar And Grill, Waterfront

The very refreshing (and strong) sangria at Joe's.

We stopped by Joe's American Bar And Grill at the waterfront on a recent weekend and had a quick lunch before heading to an event on the harbor. 

It was a late afternoon and although the entire area around Columbus Park was teeming with thousands of people, half of which seemed to be tourists based upon the languages spoken, being seated right away was not a problem.  It was admittedly more of a wait if you wanted an outside table to watch the world, and the boats, go by but time was at a premium for us.  It always is.

I had the Clam Roll.   On a soft bun and served up with great shoestring fries and fresh slaw, it was quite good.

My dining companion enjoyed the Black And Blue from the burger menu.  With cajun seasoning, smoked blue cheese and caramelized onions I was told the burger was fine and the Sweet Potato Fries were also good. 

This is casual food at a reasonable price considering the fact that this is an area heavily visited by tourists during the summer months.  The tab was about $60 for two, including the $15 sangrias.  And Joe's tends to be pretty consistent and reliable past on past experiences.

Of course there is always that very instagrammable shot of the trellis at Christopher Columbus Park that draws you in, too.  I only wish we had more time to hang out in the area!

Joe's American Bar And Grill, Waterfront
100 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA 02110
Telephone:  617.367.8700


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Newport Mansions Wine and Food Festival 2018

Can you believe we are already filling up our schedule for September?  Wasn't July Fourth just the other day?  Summer is fleeting, seemingly speeding by faster than ever before.  One thing you may want to do before it catches up with you is get your tickets for the Newport Mansions Food And Wine Festival 2018 before they sell out.  And they will.  Why?  Because this year famed fashion designer Zac Posen will be in the kitchen cooking.
I have written before about the similarities between the fashion and food worlds and in this landscape of carefully designed and styled plates for all those Instagram pics that cascade over us each day like Niagara Falls it has never been more true.  Yes, even restaurants now have to be concerned about lighting.  Not for the guests but for the plates.
So, that's what we plan to ask him about.  Oh, and we also plan to check out his demo for a recipe from his cookbook.  The fun begins September 20th.  See you there!

Monday, July 16, 2018


We had a great weekend in Boston walking in and around the North End, waterfront and then for a thrilling ride on Codzilla by Boston Harbor Cruises last Saturday.  We'd never been on it before.  As we chatted with other passengers we discovered that it's a pretty close to 50/50 split between locals and tourists all looking for something unique and fun to do.

It's about a 40 minute ride reaching speeds up to 40 mph (which is REALLY moving when you are on the water) filled with sharp turns, big splashes and nosedive stops.  At times it felt like a rollercoaster.  Still, we loved it and highly recommend it for a group of friends.  Just don't wear your designer duds because even wrapped in a poncho you will get wet.  It's quite windy out there.

It's not just the need for speed that makes the ride fun, however.  There are also some stunning views of the harbor and Boston from the water.

For a short video of just how fast one moves and a real feel of the ride hit here for a video.  H2whoa!!!!

We were invited by Boston Harbor Cruises on this experience as members of the media.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Assembly Row Bar Stars Competition 2018

We headed over to the rooftops at Assembly Row this week for the 2018 edition of the Bar Stars competition featuring bites and, more importantly, sips from some of the best places to eat and drink there.  

The crowd was much larger than we expected, perhaps due to the absolutely perfect weather, the drinks inventive and the food terrific.  The People's Choice winner was America's Fresh Brewhouse and the Judges Award went to The Smoke Shop BBQ.  Those Ribs And Cornbread from Andy Husbands' new outlet were clearly our fave taste of the night.  Overall great food and drink and a very fun event.  It was a perfect way to kick off the big birthday bash weekend.  Congrats to all!