Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Another Smashing Hendrick's Party

Bathtub gin, anyone?

We were recently invited to another grand Hendrick's Gin event to introduce two new products.  We just love the retro, quirky almost steam punk vibe of this brand and they always can be counted upon to present a showstopper of an unveiling.

You may remember a few years back when we spent part of our July 4th weekend soaring across Massachusetts in The Flying Cucumber like a couple of modern day Phileas Fogg's sipping gin at 8:00AM from engraved silver flasks.  Yeah, it's that kind of vibe.

Midsummer Solstice and Orbium are the new tastes to try.  The first has a more floral bouquet and taste.  Orbium, a limited edition product, is a throwback with that modern, fun flair that the curious gin company does so well.  It contains quinine and Blue Lotus Blossom.  And they both look as good as they taste.  

So, have some fun this summer with a dash of proper gin in your cocktail glass.  From Newport to Portland what could be more fashionable (and easy) than a gin and tonic made with these?

We were invited to this curious event as members of the press/media with no promise of any editorial consideration.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Product Review: CBD Living Loose Leaf Tea

Increasingly, we are seeing states across our nation legalizing the growing and sale of cannabis for recreational purposes.  As a result, we are seeing a flood or cannabis products, many of them food-related.

Others may know that I am a huge proponent of CBD after having tried it over the past year as suggested by my physician.  The research is still being compiled but definitely indicates relief for anxiety, insomnia and strong anti-inflammatory properties.  As we all now know, inflammation is now considered to basically be the root of all evil and is directly related to diet.  It has also shown a great aid in assisting those in giving up smoking.

Since using CBD oil capsules I have experienced a radical difference, personally.  I enjoy a deeper sense of calm that I have not experienced before.  I don't sweat the small stuff like I used to. I sleep like a baby.  

I have experienced no side affects that were NOT good.  Many of the little, everyday aches and pains have diminished or completely disappeared.  My days are stress-free.  The pills and/or teas do not make me sleepy, groggy or foggy-headed.  To my surprise it actually makes me much more focused when I am typically scattering my ADD thoughts in all directions.  I know - it sounds like a miracle drug and maybe it's all in my mind but I don't care because it is clearly making a difference for me.

So, when I received this new product to try from CBD Living I was thrilled.  These loose-leaf teas not only contain CBD and but also are really delicious, too.  I have tried the Mango and the Turmeric (in itself a great anti-inflammatory), like them both and am happy to endorse their use.  Each One 2 oz. package of tea contains 150 mg of CBD.  Each individual serving of tea contains 7.5 mg of CBD.  The bottles retail for $30.00 each.  I would love to hear what YOU think about them or what experiences you have had with CBD. 

This product was provided free of charge as a sample with no editorial considerations or promises and no remuneration other than the sample.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Safari In The City

(L-R) Kelly Dorrn and Karen Cooper, Manager Of Major Gifts at African Wildlife Foundation.

As the Bruins triumphed nearby and the Derby dived it was prime preppy this weekend at the Safari In The City fundraiser event to benefit the American Rhino Foundation and held at American Rhino.  Sipping Whispering Angel and donned in safari-chic, the very elegant crowd partied like there was a country club in Faneuil Hall.  Tons of money was raised for the great cause and a grand affair was had by all.

Tim Clarke and George Parker.

Valentina, Katie and Fred.

Bob Bachelder sporting his Glow-Tie.

We were invited to this event as members of the press/media.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Farewell Improper Bostonian

This past week it seemed as though everyone in Boston was lamenting the demise of Improper Bostonian as if it were a close friend who died too young.  Indeed, we were not only an aficionado of the events coverage but also often featured in said columns.  It was always a great resource for new and fun things to do in an around the city. 

This prompted us to look back over some of our favorite party pics and celebrity sightings over the years.  So, if there is any way in which we can pick up the slack and help fill the void we will be providing even more of all those happy, shiny faces on our blog.  Let the fashion and food events continue! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

An Evening With Mary Ann Esposito At BCAE

(L-R) Janice Quinn, TBF, Mary Ann Esposito and Diane Manteca.
I was really honored last month when the Boston Center for Adult Education reached out and asked me to moderate/host an evening with Mary Ann Esposito of Ciao Italia the longest continuously running TV cooking show of all time. 
The show is now in it's twenty-ninth year.  She has authored many cookbooks and traveled to Italy countless times exploring all regions and artisan food sources, cooks and many traditions.  We had a crowd of about seventy people and the talk was both very informative and great entertainment with lots of laughs and fun stories about her adventures in the very early days of cooking shows pioneered by public television - long before anyone had even heard of Food TV or the Food Network.

So, last week we got together and talked about the various grades of olive oil and how to distinguish between them, why Americans don't eat rabbit (It's common in Italy - and delicious), shopping at Market Basket and lots of other topics.

After our interview and audience questions there was plenty of time for signing books and taking photos and then indulging in some treats with dishes made from recipes in the book like Zucchini Meatballs and Stuffed Mushrooms.  A great night for everyone!

For more information on the many classes offered, including cooking, at BCAE click here.

For more on Mary Ann Esposito and Ciao Italia click here.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Cooking For A Cause 2019

Chef Greg Reeves of Vialé, Culinary Chair, and Michael J. Delia, President and CEO of East End House.

Cooking For A Cause to benefit East End House in Cambridge was held last week and we consider this elegant event the unofficial kickoff for the Spring social season.  Cantabrigians were there in full for to support this fine organization and many of the most notable Chefs in the Cities of Cambridge and Boston prepared some great, creative dishes.

John DaSilva of Chickadee, Will Gilson of Puritan And Company, Tom Berry of Yvonne's, Tony Maws of Craigie On Main, and Will Isaza of Blossom Bar (Beverage Chair) were all on hand to enjoy the night.  Great job by all and great food.  Enjoy these party pics!


Please read more about East End House and all of the truly inspirational work they do by clicking here.

We were invited to attend this event as members of the press/media.