Monday, May 14, 2018

The Friendly Toast

Cold, rainy weekend days in New England are just made for long, lingering brunches.  One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is:  Where to brunch?  We spent last Saturday revisiting The Friendly Toast after a long hiatus and found it to be every bit as good as we initially found.

We may not have been able to sit outside to dine alfresco but it has not lost it's charm with the funky décor, the extensive menu, the eclectic crowd and the great service. 

We began with a White Sangria, fruity and refreshing and served with a bright look on a dreary day.

Some Like It Tot:  Tater tots covered with a melted cheddar cheese, bacon, red onion, scallion and sriracha glaze.  One would fully expected the tots to be a bit soggy under all that but, surprisingly, they were not.  This clearly passed our crispy test and was a great appetizer to start with.

We are always working to give you the best food pics possible.  Lots of light helps and we were lucky enough to get a window seat.

Kiss My Grits:  homemade biscuit topped with fried chicken tenders, over easy eggs and cheddar grits, finished with a sriracha honey glaze and served with home fries.  Pretty much what one would expect a filling brunch breakfast to be.  Excellent home fries.

The Georgia Reuben:  Smoked turkey, tangy honey coleslaw, melted swiss cheese and thousand-island dressing on Anadama bread.  This was our top fave, one of the best sandwiches we've had in quite awhile.  The Anadama bread, first off, is a big contributing factor.  It shows deep New England roots in the corn and molasses ingredients.  Really good when toasted, it was the perfect foundation to a really great sandwich.  The cole slaw, also good.

The menu at The Friendly Toast is daunting.  There are just so many choices and they all sound very tempting.  One would think that it's just too much.  How can they execute so many choices and do it well?  Yet, they seem to do it consistently and the line waiting to get in is a testimony.  So, there is a simple solution.  Just keep going back.  And buy a loaf of that Anadama Bread to take home when you do.  They sell fresh loaves of their specialty breads at five bucks per loaf.

The Friendly Toast
One Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 
Telephone:  617.621.1200
Other locations include Back Bay, Burlington and the original in Portsmouth, NH


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