Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Return To Painted Burro

Left to Right, Clockwise, Food Writers: Rachel Blumenthal of Fork It Over Boston, Richard Auffrey of The Passionate Foodie, Leah Klein, Auditi Guha and 451 Marketing's Nicole Russo.

A few weeks back we were invited to join a group of food writers at Painted Burro in Davis Square to check out the menu and sound at Painted Burro.  This was an usual dinner in that we were there to experience the atmosphere prior to new sound-absorbing panels being installed.  You may recall that we reported the food was great and the sound was, well, quite lively.  Now the panels have been installed after a consult with Joseph Drago and fitting by New England Soundproofing.

We started with this Ceviche Del Mar:  Maine Redfish, Shrimp, Snapper, Avocado Salsa, Lime Scallions, Pickled Red Grapes and Radish.  A delicious ceviche, we particularly liked those pickled grapes.

My first sip was this Raspberry Margarita, one of the many flavorful, fruity margarita drinks on the menu.

"Chingon Cucumbers":  Watermelon Radish, Pickled Grapes, Cilantro, Lemon, Chile and Sea Salt.  Delightfully refreshing and a nice match for the cheesy, meaty, rich entrees to follow.

Richard and I both went with the Yucatan Meatloaf:  Two Fried Eggs "Soleado" on top of Spicy Ground Sirloin Loaf stuffed with Chorizo, Ham, Chicharron, Green Olives and Toasted Almonds.  It's served on a thick slab of toast with a red mole sauce.  I loved the meaty, zesty flavors of this hearty dish and the crunch of the almonds made for an interesting bite.  Great dish.  This is also, very fittingly, on the brunch menu.

Rachel went with the Enchilada, which she had never had before and liked.  Three Fresh Corn Tortillas stuffed with Tres Quesos and smothered with House Moles and Salsas.  Looked fantastically cheesy, rich and good.

Nicole went with the Chile Rellenos:  Roast Peaches, Apricots and Grapes with Corn "Mote", Oazaca and Chihuaua Cheese and Toasted Walnut Mole.

I sipped this Rapscallion Blessing from the tap menu.  There are seven beers on draft and the cocktail/drinks menu is extensive.  There is lots of Mezcal, tasting suites including a Study Of Mezcal and a large selection of Mexican Wines and Tequilas.  The draft went perfectly with the meatloaf dish.

For dessert it was the Chocolate Mocha Espuma for me:  Chocolate Mousse, Mexican Wafer and Cherry Marmalade.  Beautifully creamy in texture, the wafer was a throwback to our cookie eating youth.  Very nice dessert.

Rachel went with a Popsicle.  The flavors change daily and can run toward the boozy but this was the second time she ordered it so it must be good.

Oh, and the sound?  The new panels DID absorb much of the ambient sound for a noticeable improvement.  We were not yelling across the table.  On the other hand, It cannot be considered a quiet restaurant and that's fine by me.  The lively sounds are part of the vibe.

The Painted Burro
219 Elm Street
Davis Square
Somerville, MA
Telephone:  617.776.0005

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  1. I went last weekend for the first time and loved the food and drinks, but it was definitely very loud. Unfortunately can't compare it to before the panels were installed. Still had a great first time though.