Thursday, September 27, 2012

Henry's Humdingers

We're way behind on our product reviews and taste-testing results.  It's not that we aren't trying all the stuff, we're just getting caught up with the writing.  One of our recent favorites, however, has been Henry's Humdingers raw honey condiments.  They are literally buzzing with flavors and spiciness as well as good for you.  Pictured above is their "Grumpy Grandpa" honey flavored with spicy red pepper and garlic.  We drizzled this over some piping hot tater tots to enjoy with a grilled salmon and broccoli dinner.  VERY nice!

Other flavors include "Naughty Nana"with pepper and ginger and "Phoebe's Fireball" with chipotle and cinnamon.  We've also tried them on fried chicken (yeah, they seem to go great with fried foods) and Manchego and Dubliner cheeses, which were particularly good.  We found them a bit too spicy on buttered toast at brunch, however.  In short, we liked the product well enough to start ordering them when we run out of these samples.  They are also made by a small, family-owned operation, something we are always both happy and proud to support.

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