Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Privateer Rum At Aquitaine

We recently attended a very special Privateer Rum Dinner at the legendary South End bistro Aquitaine and it was a very special night of great food, dinner conversation, interesting guests and, well, rum.  It started out with these very clever booty bags of Mojito Popcorn.  Each bag of the freshly-popped, lime-enhanced treasure was marked with the name of a different privateer and on the back was the menu for the dinner.  Argh!  I seem to be getting invited to every rum event in town lately.  Is it because I live in Medford, which was once the rum capital of America?  We began with the Hemingway Daiquiri Punch: Privateer, Maraschino Liqueur, Grapefruit Juice and Lime and the popcorn.

The starter was this Crevettes Escabeche Aux Rhum in a Spicy Tomato Consommé.  The food theme was a French Caribbean iinspiration and the shrimp in that spicy consommé was a great beginning. 

The starter was paired with The Wildfire:  Privateer with tomato, cucumber jalapeño water. We loved this drink with it's icy froth matched by a bite of jalapeño heat.

First Course was this Palm Sugar Pork Belly, Sweet Corn Puree and matchstick vegetables.  The rich pork was perfect with the lighter veggie sticks and that corn puree was fantastic.

This was matched with The Privateer:  Privateer, Pineapple Juice and Muddled Sage.  Another great match.

Our Entrée was this Ginger Roasted Chicken with Lime-Scented Peanuts and Green Papaya Salad.  Bistro food is all about the best roasted chicken one can find and this did not disappoint. 

This course was served with a Privateer Dark And Stormy which included house-made Ginger Beer and Lime.  We then had the chance to sample two varieties of Privateer straight up, silver and amber.

Our dessert was this Minted Melon Salade with Mint Gelée.  After that it was House-Made Freezepops in delicious fruit and rum matched flavors.  Another fantastic night at Aquitaine and a chance to learn more about this locally-made rum.  Thank you Privateer!

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