Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting Unreal

There's a new brand of candy bars out there that I have bought and tried over the past few weeks so I wanted to write about it because I really like what they are doing, besides being a very interesting case study in creating a brand.  It's called Unreal and the story is pretty fascinating.

What they've done is take popular candies such as candy-coated peanuts and chocolate and peanut butter cups and reworked them, removing as much of the chemical junk as possible while still being able to label the product, well ... candy, something sweet and delicious.

There is no artificial anything.  So, there is no high fructose corn syrup (in fact no corn syrup at all), no hydrogenated oil, partial or otherwise, no GMOs and no preservatives.  Do they taste different than, say, having a Milky Way?  Yeah, they do but that does not mean that they are not good.  They are quite good, just different.  I can remember a High School friend that once offered me a carob candy bar from his mother's pantry. He was devouring it.  "It tastes like chocolate," he said.  He's been brainwashed, I thought, as I spit each disgusting crumble into the trash.  Ever since I have been highly sceptical of any health food wrapped in candy's clothing.  This is clearly not a "health food".  It is, however, a better kind of candy.  Candy evolved.  Candy 2.0.  Unjunked.  Congratulations!

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