Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chef Chris Gould

You may remember back in March when I attended the Boston Seafood Expo and was asked by Shucks Maine Lobster to sit on a judging panel for a lobster cooking competition.  I was part of the panel that selected Chef Chris Gould of Uni Shashimi Bar as the winner.  Well, he recently went onto the international finals, competing with Chefs from all over the globe and, yes, he won that, too!

Maybe that's what helped the Maine native decide that he wanted to move to Portland and open his own restaurant.  Chef Gould recently announced that he has left Uni to open a tapas style eatery in Portland.  Here's his quote from the Portland Press Herald:  "It will be like tapas-style small plates, but it’s not going to be necessarily Spanish or French or Italian, Gould said. It will be kind of chef’s whim, and the menu will change every day, depending on what’s available, what’s fresh. And it will be anything from pastas to sashimi dishes, fresh oysters, all from Maine. I’m using a lot of local products, whether it’s veal and lamb in the spring or braised short ribs or beef cheeks in the winter. But all small plates, all good price points, anywhere between $5 and $20 – mostly right around $12 a dish."

Congratulations Chef Gould!  We'll be looking forward to stopping by as our TBF North Headquarters are in the beautiful state of Maine.

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