Monday, June 4, 2012


We spent part of our Memorial Day weekend at Zocalo Cocina Mexicana in Boston enjoying a very special dinner as part of a series being hosted by visiting Chefs. This week's event featured Chef Fany Gerson and featured the foods of Mexico City.  Of course, we began with a pitcher of refreshing Sangria.

The Amuse Bouche starter was this flavorful mini tortilla with picante sauce, peppers, onion and cheese.

The featured beverage was a Lime Chia Agua Fresca, a very refreshing, light beverage that reminded us all of a lime rickey.

First up for dinner was this Fresh Tuna Tostada with Fried Leeks, Avocado and Guajilio Aioli.  Very nice and those fried leeks went perfectly with the delicious tuna.

Crema Panna Cotta and Roasted Beet Salad with Tangerines, Spiced Candied Pepitas and Honey Vinaigrette.  This was a resounding smash hit with everyone at our media table and one of the highlight tastes of the night.  The balance of flavors, textures and vivid colors was perfect.

By now it was time for a cocktail for Dean.  He went with this colorful and interesting Hibiscus Margarita.

On my left sat Deborah Palmer Cote, Segment Producer of The Morning Show on NECN TV.  As Producer of the "Does It Work?" segments we had lots of lively conversation and laughs about all the products.  Hint: most do NOT work!  Deborah enjoyed the Achiote Marinated Shrimp with Plantains, Black Bean Sauce and Pickled Onions.  The shrimp was generous and she reported that the plantains were excellent.

Meanwhile, I was digging into this Pork Belly and Green Sauce with Potatoes and Spinach.  Deliciously rich and with a perfectly crisped skin, the sauce packed a very nice but not overpowering heat.

For desserts we all had Chipotle Boca Negra with Sweet Tomatillo Sauce and Whipped Crema.  Another huge hit, the gooey boca negra (literal translation: black mouth) was a dense chocolate that also packed some heat, ad delicious combination.

Hosts Chefs Erwin Rams and Fany Gerson were both on hand to meet and greet diners.  Another fabulous dinner at Zocalo.

35 Stanhope St, Boston 02116
Telephone: 617.456.7849 

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