Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chef's Table At BOKX 109

The wine was on chill, the glasses ready and the food bloggers anxious as we recently gathered at BOKX 109 American Prime in Newton, the guests of Executive Chef Jarrod Moiles. We were there to experience a Chef's Table dinner and I was particularly happy as I have always found Chef Jarrod to be very talented, creative and truly one of the unsung heroes on the Boston food front. A truly great Chef without all the bravura of celebrity is rare to find sometimes. What I did not expect was to enjoy the best meal I have had this year. I do not mean one of the best. I mean THE best. From the colors, flavors, food, wine and the special treat of having all the food prepared just a few feet from your seat, it was like sensory overload. There is so much to talk about that I'm breaking this into two posts. This first post will be just about the experience. Next, I'll go into all the dishes, ingredients and wine pairings.

This sea of elegant wine glasses set out was a tip off as to what was to come. You will really feel like you're being spoiled with great service when at the private Chef's Table.

The colorful food was all prepped and ready to go as we sailed onto our six course, three hour gastronomic extravaganza. The Chef's Table would be such an awesome way to celebrate a very special occasion with your closest friends or family or an amazing treat for your star employees. I guarantee you that they would never forget the night they dined here.

Half the fun of food blogging is capturing all of those beautiful food pics and we had no shortage of options.

The food bloggers were presented with the menu for the evening, all based on seasonal foods and listing the six wines that would accompany each plate.

Executive Chef Jarrod Moiles welcomes everyone to the table and explains what we will be seeing and enjoying for our feast, as we sipped champagne and prepared for our taste buds for the amuse bouche.

We were also free to ask questions about ingredients, sources and techniques and interact with Chef Jarrod. For instance, the oil used to sear these gorgeous day boat scallops is ninety percent canola and 10 percent olive.

Finishing off the goat cheese brulée.

Chef Jarrod preparing the braised Swiss chard for our lobster-stuffed dove sole.

Detail photos of the colorful food were encouraged, making for some really great images of our meal. These are the spoonfuls of house-made mostarda served with our pork tenderloin course. Amazing flavor.

It's really fun to see all of the slicing and cooking techniques of a professional chef in play right in front of you.

As the pots and pans are simmering away you are right there for all the amazing aromas.

In addition to the Panna Cotta and incredible dessert wine we were surprised by these clouds of Sour Apple Cotton Candy. You could literally see everyone's eyes widen when these were brought out.

In our next post we'll cover all of the food and wines we enjoyed in detail.

BOKX 109 American Prime
Located inside Hotel Indigo
399 Grove Street, Newton MA 02462
Telephone: 617.454.3399


  1. Great post Will, nice and detailed and very interesting. I hope you all enjoyed your time out there, the pictures look great!

  2. Aww I wish I was able to make it to this event! Everything looks delicious. I've never been to Bokx 109 and would definitely want to check it out soon!