Thursday, November 10, 2011

Expand Your Food: Viscoelasticity

I feel obligated to make people think and dream about food in ways they never have before. I am a food writer, not a restaurant critic. I have no labels, no marketing speak, just a fascination with anyone who can tell a story, on any level, about what food is, how it is, or the ways we can excite the mind and emotions with it. I am fully aware that most readers will not make it through this video. I will be enthralled with those who actually take the time to learn something. It's about 90 minutes long but I guarantee that, even if you have no interest in science or never intend to cook anything, you will end up with some new idea you can apply to your life. Plus, it's a better way to spend your time than watching Dancing With The Stars.

Some background: Achatz is a throat cancer survivor who lost his sense of taste for many years yet still operates successful restaurants. Schoettler never managed a bar in his life.

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