Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back To School Giveaway

"When I was a youngun all we did was study." Grandpa

When I was at college all we did was swim, study and eat. Well, we slept, once in a while. The eating, not so much.

So, that's why we want to give some free codes away to college students nationwide in need of hungry take-out, nearby pizza or burritos, wings, salads, sushi or anything else on the menu. The rules: write us about how much you miss, or don't miss, home. The most inventive, creative, descriptive, colorful first five writers win. Yeah, spelling counts. We'll be the judge. And, oh yes M.I.T., you can win more than once, before you get on me with the technical questions. And, no, you technically don't have to be a college student. You can just write us and say what you hated most about living at home when you actually lived at home, no matter how long ago that was.

This freebie is sponsored by Campusfood. One $10 code to each winner (you can win all) and is totally valid through Spring Semester, June 2012. Simply post your response here as a comment or email to TBFWilliam@gmail.com. Contest ends Friday, September 2, 2011. Winners announced the following Monday.

1 comment:

  1. I am a graduate student from Fl and trust me this girl misses here mama's food everyday! I am of American Indian decent and my mama makes the best fusion cusines. I will never be able to recreate it but I sure will have to try. This is a great give away and trust me I will be using the code if given to me. Thanks!