Friday, June 3, 2011

Evolution Of An Idea

I don't often write from my daily journal but here is something I thought I'd share. One of the things (of many) that fascinates me about food is the combination of hi tech and hi touch. Unusual combinations of things that meld familiar, emotional-based tastes with new ways of experiencing the same are exciting. The idea started with a hunt, an ancient tradition. A hunt for food. And the very best hunts are filled with scents, visual clues and never any clear sign posts. A cupcake on a plate with a QR code, half of which the people seeing it would not even know what it meant, the other half rabid to find out, technologically bereft but curious. The whole point would be a clue to the next food place they could visit.

Then, you move on to the design. How to do it? How to solve it? The photo above is not how I wanted it to look. It was too easy, just thrown on. The square cupcake pan was a turning point. Maybe we could use a fondant, a royal icing? Good ideas. Endless hours. Crazy discussions. Frustrations. All part of the process.

Does it have to be flat to be scanned? How much sugar to make the frosting smooth enough? How long to dry? Stencil? Airbrush? Can we even wrap and package them for travel? Me, screaming: "They have to, above all, taste better than anything." Never giving up. Knowing we can do better. It's fun to figure out, collectively, something that is just today's best. The process teaches you how to create an idea that can be applied to anything, any project, any worthwhile goal. It's an evolution of an idea.

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