Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Area Four

Whenever I visit a new dining spot for the very first time I like to walk around, inside and outside, and really try to get the whole experience. It works best when I had no intention of being there. Such was the case when I found myself wandering around Kendall Square last week, alone, after a few meetings. The whole area is a new, bright hope for Boston food nerds or people into the rich experience of discovering new things. So this is my journal (with no guest writers or photographers) of finding a place that I think will define the whole Area 4 vision that the City of Cambridge is moving toward.

The bar space at Area Four.

The place was absolutely packed for lunch.

Although I showed up totally unexpected and unannounced there was Chef Michael Leviton right on the line leading his team. It is always so refreshing to see a star Chef who loves being in the kitchen.

Don't let the Hi-Tech space fool you. That is a real wood-burning stove, the science of flavor.

I went with the Chicken Sandwich with Anchiode and Arugula and an incredible Red Velvet Mini Whoopie Pie. It was so crowded I had my seat in the Café.

There were lots of folks gathering to chat over notebooks and graph papers with a side of these delicious sweets and a cup of coffee.

Just look at that jar of freshly-baked meringue cookies.

It's definitely an M.I.T/Tech crowd, at lunch anyway, but that is really part of the fun. Some people say that timing, or location is everything. I say that great ideas spring up when one isn't thinking, but preoccupied with living.

Area Four
500 Technology Square
Cambridge, MA 02139

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