Tuesday, June 7, 2011

606 Congress Welcomes Blue Ribbon NYC

We were recently invited to 606 Congress at the Renaissance Hotel in the Seaport District for a special dinner welcoming Blue Ribbon Classics to the restaurant. Chefs (and brothers) Eric and Bruce Bromberg opened the first Blue Ribbon in New York in 1992 and it was an instant hit, quickly becoming the hangout for a cadre of other NYC chefs after their kitchens had closed for the night. The food was simple, hearty and flavorful, the fried chicken and honey ridiculously good. After expanding, and a hit cookbook, the brothers are now bringing their classic bites menu items to Renaissance Hotels and we were thrilled to be the very first to sample them. We began with signature cocktails. We opted for the Hummingbird: Cava, St. Germain & Fresh Strawberries.

We had a chance to peruse the tasting menu while chatting with the other diners and stopping for conversation with Chef Eric Bromberg, who personally welcomed us.

I loved the design of 606 Congress, an airy open, dramatic space without a loss of intimacy.

I especially liked this sleek, marble table placed very near the open kitchen, perfect for true food-lovers.

Manchego and Mexican Honey Toast. I love the pairing of manchego cheese with something sweet. The Bromberg Brothers are famous for the Mexican Honey which they source and produce themselves.

Spicy Egg Shooters, with pickled peppers and olive oil mayo.

Fried Rock Shrimp. One of my personal favorites, perhaps due to the unusual lemon cayenne sauce that was served as an accompaniment.

Smoked Salmon Toast, served with a three onion cream and capers.

The "Northern Fried" Chicken Wings were a huge hit with everyone and also served with the Blue Ribbon Mexican Honey. The coating is much lighter than most friend chicken, originally made with matzo meal.

Chef Rich Garcia joked that Blue Robbon may be "the only thing from New York that everyone will welcome."

606 Congress
606 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02210
Telephone: 617.476.5606

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