Friday, June 10, 2011

Future Chefs Awards 2011

We usually like to begin a new blog post with a pic or video that will make you want to read more. Today, however, I wanted to write an introduction because all of the people you are about to see have made me excited about food, writing, the future, technology, fun events and just about everything that I started this blog with, as we celebrate an anniversary, with the encouragement of really good friends. I wanted to say how very proud I am to be involved with a group of people that I have always wished for. Future Chefs. Opening doors for others is the key to success. Don't be afraid to open doors, in unknown places, on rainy nights, on cold nights. There just might be a bright world inside.

The first time I emceed an event I was literally shaking with fear. Luis was completely at ease and confident. I, too, found confidence in my video interview because the passion was there. That is what they call inspiration. Toni, Abbie, and Ann were so focused, they took everything to a new level and it showed. When José walked in to greet us it was exciting. The food was incredible. I wish I had more time to photograph everything. Takila never looked better. I had a very cool conversation with Juan, an alumni and rising star. We had the largest crowd we ever anticipated and it all went smoothly. As I said in the video: "Who doesn't love food?"

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