Saturday, January 8, 2011

Everett High Wins Boloco Competition

Everett High School culinary students Josue Henriquez, Francisco Hernandez and Josue Panmeno are presented with their new boloco/Future Chefs Cooking Jackets today by boloco Co-Founder Jason Hutchinson.

It was a day of Chefs, food writers and food professionals sharing their insights and experiences today at Quincy High School. Then, it was into the kitchens where Future Chefs students from four area High School culinary programs (Everett, Madison Park, Boston, Somerville and Quincy) competed in the boloco Inspired Burrito Challenge. While all of the burritos were really creative and flavorful, it was Everett High's The Crimson (named after their football team) that won first place. An amazing and impressively sophisticated blend of Middle Eastern ingredients were used to build this Mediterranean burrito featuring roasted eggplant, tzatziki, tabouleh, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, rice pilav and red onion. All the judges (including myself) agreed that this was a standout. The students attributed their own inspiration to the support of faculty and the multicultural diversity of their school. Congratulations to all of the schools and to boloco for supporting Future Chefs.

We'll be running a full post later in the week with some of the featured speakers, videos and peek inside the extraordinary kitchens at Quincy High School, under the direction of Patrick Noe, as the students prepared their inspired burritos.


  1. Will, thanks for attending the inspired burrito competition at Future Chefs Career Day. The students felt really special to have this coverage and to speak with other industry adults who took time on a snowy saturday to demonstrate that their futures matter to our community. Spread the love! And the comedy! Toni

  2. Great recap, Will! And what a fun event. All the burritos were so delicious, but The Crimson truly outstanding! YUM. See you soon!