Sunday, January 9, 2011

Patrick Noe Ambushed

At the absolute height of kitchen mayhem yesterday we video-ambushed Patrick Noe, the beloved Director of Culinary Arts at Quincy High School, who is not used to having the media shoved in his face at unexpected moments. He is typically a more behind-the-scenes mentor, usually seen standing on chairs and squeezing into places to photograph his students as they shine. A teacher. The kind of teacher we are very lucky to have. As it turns out, the students were not the only people learning yesterday. We learned the art of an impromptu media interview as we got Patrick a bit out of his comfort zone.

There is a person who can take an unexpected moment and run with it! He may not be a famous Chef but he is building a world of Future Chefs, some of whom may be very famous. Thank you Patrick Noe. You lead by example. We need more teachers and lovers of food like you.

I think a new media star is born. What do you think Quincy High School?

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  1. Chef Noe is one of the greatest people I have ever met. I went through the Culinary program at Quincy High, graduated in 2011. He is a talented chef, devoted mentor and an outstanding friend. His passion for the culinary arts is incredible. He took me to a Future Chefs meeting and got me involved in the program. He help me find something more than a career, he helped me find a feild of work in which I am happy and love. I would not be who I am had I not met Patrick.
    -Billy Brancaccio