Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ten Fundamentals of Food Blogging


Rescripted from Pau Arenós

1.Food blogging is a language that allows bloggers to express themselves. Bloggers create for themselves, although they wish to share their creations with others and hope they will be appreciated.

2.Bloggers take risks; they know their suggestions may not be understood. The risks in technoemotional blogging are greater than in other culinary movements.

3.Bloggers do not create dish by dish. Their aim is to open up new paths using techniques and concepts. Bloggers go into different paths to explore and understand.

4.Blog post creations set out to stimulate all the senses. The sense of touch becomes important as the blogger looks, works and cooks with textures and temperatures.

5.The blogger's culinary action surpasses what is physical and sensory, and focuses on emotional and intellectual aspects. Intellectual pleasure is sought through humor, provocation, and reflection. Bloggers see and hear and feel and seek to share.

6.The blogger relates with other disciplines to achieve the above, also with new social media technologies. The blogger seeks the company of other bloggers who understand this appreciation.

7.Diners are not passive but active. The act of eating requires concentration and a specific disposition. Bloggers relate to every strata of diners, servers, and Chefs.

8.All products have the same gastronomic value.

9.In the blogger's world the frontiers disappear between sweet and savory, between the main ingredients and the complementary ones. The ideal means of expression is a degustation menu filled with surprise.

10.Cooking is a way of life. The restaurant is not just a business. It is an extension of the blogger's home.

With these principles in mind it becomes easier to understand just exactly what is being done here: a whole new approach to cooking with guidelines that are not necessarily the same that you or I would use but interesting to understand as the goals are just not the same as what they are in other schools of cuisine. Food breaks down rules and builds them up again in new and exciting ways and this is why I am a food blogger.

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