Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sonoma Splurge

We stopped in at Williams-Sonoma this weekend, one of our favorite food stores, and when we saw the Maldon sea salt just couldn't resist a splurge. It's hard to find. The salt crystals are hand harvested by a small family-run business in the U.K. and certified organic. Of course you can't have such high quality salt with the best peppercorn blend!

Maldon salt has a flaked texture and a saltier taste than other salts which means you can use less. It's texture makes it great for finishing dishes such as seafood and excellent for soft boiled eggs.


  1. I also found Maldon's salt at Christina's spice shop in Inman Square. I love the stuff! And they also make a smoked sea salt. http://www.growcookeat.com/grow-cook-eat/2010/03/finishing-school-seared-steak-with-red-wine-reduction-1.html

  2. I've eaten nothing else for years and all my family use it. Also almost all of the professional kitchens I've worked in both in the UK and in Spain. Once you've tasted Maldon, nothing else will do. No mill though - just grind between thumb and forefinger.