Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cambridge Cool

The entrance to the original CPL has the charm and feel of a great University or European Castle.

Whenever you are visiting the Boston area you will inevitably be faced with at least one rainy day and looking for some place to dodge the downpour. The Cambridge Public Library, newly reopened in November 2009 after a major renovation and addition, is a great place for an afternoon visit. It's also an easy ten minute stroll from the heart of Harvard Square.

The hi-tech, modern design of the CPL new addition.

There is free wifi if you have your laptop and if not plenty of free computers to use. Check your email and message home while relaxing.

The ceiling and wall murals in the original sections of the Library.

Plenty of quiet reading space.

There are also designated spots for eating! Yes, you can bring in a takeout lunch, or a gourmet snack and enjoy it here with a warm cup of coffee.

Bright, open spaces in the modern wing.

The modern wing also offers a great variety of international papers and magazines to keep you caught up with the news back home and lots of local publications if you are looking for cultural events or things to do and see when the skies clear.

The all glass and steel entrance to the new wing.

Cambridge Public Library
Hours: Mon-Thu 9am-9pm
Fri-Sat 9am-5pm
Sun 1-5pm
449 Broadway Cambridge
Telephone: (617)349-4040

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  1. Quincy has a cool library also. It is worth a stop, especially in the old section of the library.