Friday, March 12, 2010

Future Chefs

Toni and Pat of the wonderful organization Future Chefs were right there to greet us at the door.

We were very lucky this week to be invited to an event by an organization we knew little about. This is one of those things that makes writing a food blog so interesting and fun. We had no idea what it was going to be about and went in with a curious mind. What we discovered was a fantastic organization helping the next generation of Chefs, empowering them with the opportunities and contacts they otherwise may not have access to and growing these people into leaders. It was really incredible and it's called: Future Chefs.

Future Chef Marcos Lemos served us up an amazing thin crust pizza.

Future Chefs is a privately-funded, school to career program working with high school culinary arts students in the Greater Boston area. Through volunteerism these young people are led by some of the best, well-known restaurant Owners, Managers and Chefs to develop their own potential and it was very apparent that a little encouragement produces great results.

Chef Max Thomas and more Future Chefs.

You may remember Chef Max Thomas from our Blogger Dinner at Tavolo Ristorante last Summer. When he's not making the best meatballs in Boston he is volunteering his time to mentor young people by sharing his experiences and knowledge, leading them to a better life through a common love for food.

More Future Chefs preparing the tastes to be served to guests. The risotto was quite inspiring.

Anyone that works in the food industry knows that even the slightest compliment from the Chef creates a positive, emotional motivation. Many young Chefs will tell you the story of how just a few kind words spurred them to move forward when they were on the verge of giving up.

Needless to say, the wild hibiscus champagne cocktails didn't exactly hurt.

I am asked to lend support to lots of causes but this one really left me speechless. The students were enthusiastic, the food and drink was quite good and the volunteers totally committed.

The food was fantastic. We can't wait to get our hands on that butter from Vermont Creamery.

Future Chef Danielle Brown spoke eloquently to the crowd about what the organization has done for her.

For more information visit the website Future Chefs. We will definitely be covering more of their events and, without doubt, discovering a famous Future Chef we can follow.


  1. How cool! I love any organization that helps kids find their passion. Doesn't hurt that the food looks great.
    It was nice to meet you today! I hope to get the chance to chat with you at future events.

  2. Sounds like a great program! Thanks for sharing.

  3. This does sound like a great program! Thanks so much.