Thursday, March 11, 2010

Harvard Square Chocolate Tour, Part II

The tour continued with a taste of Chocolate Decadence at Finale. Rich, dark and flecked with a hint of edible gold, this is one of their richest desserts.

It also gave us the opportunity to peruse all of the other incredible cakes and sweets that Finale serves up. Just look at some of these. Click on any pic to enlarge it.

J. P. Licks was the next stop. How can one leave ice cream out of a chocolate tour? Jason gave us the lowdown on what makes their ice cream different and then we could taste as much as we wanted, including hot fudge and toppings.

The gourmet mecca known as Cardullo's.

Francis Cardullo, grandson of the founder and a true food lover was on hand to meet us at the next stop. As a kid growing up in Cambridge I remember how my Father used to have breakfast at The Wurtshaus during the week. This was the restaurant owned by Frank Cardullo, where all of the cops, politicians and business men would gather every morning. So it was kind of a special treat for me knowing that the family tradition continues.

At Cardullo's they really know their stuff. And they have the stuff that most other places don't. Like, for instance, the Maltesers candy I used to have to import from London.

Our last stop was SWEET, the cupcake bakery. We indulged in more cake and that famous buttercream frosting.

The Harvard Square Chocolate Tour ends with cupcakes at SWEET.

Needless to say, this tour is very highly recommended. The chocolate is not overpowering. If you feel you have reached your limit you can always drop the samples in your gift bag and savor them later. I would definitely do the full sample of Burdick's hot chocolate and that incredible croissant from Crema. And the Chocolate Decadence at Finale ... you may not finish it but have at least half!

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