Monday, March 15, 2010

Updates And News

Ranveer Brar, Executive Chef of One World Cuisine and TBF.

Our friend Ranveer Brar is part of the team at One World Cuisine, behind Mumbai Chopstix on Newbury Street opening soon. It's going to be an amazing Indian-Asian mix of some pretty incredible dishes. And, no doubt a beautiful crowd. (Hello to all my Kiehls friends in the neighborhood). The cafe will be helmed by Chef S. Giridhar, of Calcutta, which has a sizable Chinese population, feature 60 indoor/outdoor seats and is located at 254 Newbury Street. THey plan to open doors by the end of the month.

Francis Cardullo of Cardullo's in Harvard Square.

The Russell House Tavern is slated for opening in, maybe, early April in Harvard Square. You can follow the process at the link. Across the street Francis Cardullo has the only whiff of chocolate in the U.S.A. Le Whif Chocolate is a puf of chocolate air you inhale, capturing all of the flavor and none of the calories. It's exclusively at Cardullos. If any City has a Royal Family of food it is the House of Cardullo.

We cannot tell you how long we have been waiting for the signal to release our next news. It seems like weeks! Aidan Brooks is our connection to the euro dining scene, the young mentor who actually inspired and encouraged us to start this blog and, thankfully, threw us into a world where we get inside restaurants, interview chefs, meet people, explore new ideas, connect with readers from all over the world and follow a crazy schedule filled with food and personalities. When we hit 3,000 readers in one day I couldn't wait to run and email Trig. Well, Chef Brooks has just scored a major hit with Nuno Mendes and I can't be happier. Trig will be the new Chef de Partie, Cold Section, at VIAJANTE, the brand new venture in Bethnal Green, London, being opened by the legendary Chef Mendes. Here's a vid spotlighting Trig in the kitchen as featured on Portugeuse TV. Congratulations Chef Aidan Brooks!

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  1. Aw shucks! 3,000 readers in one day? I've never had more than about 700 in one day so clearly I'm better at talking about it than doing it. Mind you, in the kitchen...