Sunday, March 28, 2010

Future Chefs Cookoff 2010 Photos Part II

This, in our opinion, was the most elegant plate of the day.

We begin today's series of photos with what, in my opinion, was a standout among standouts. When it comes to design I have always been a minimalist believing that less is often more. I love simplicity, without the gimmicks. So, when I saw this plate I immediately knew I had found my favorite. It is understated, elegant, showcases the food and flavors and uses color and design elements wisely. The plate not only looks beautiful but that custard is practically jumping into my mouth. That is talent. A+ on this one, although there were many great choices.

The Future Chefs begin to assemble their plates. One will be for tasting and one for presentation.

Putting together a main course presentation plate.

A main course set for the presentation table.

A very nice main course presentation.

Preparing a dessert presentation.

A main dish presentation.

The food paparazzi line up.

The presentation table begins to fill up.

A Future Chef Picasso perhaps?

Another one of the really nicely presented dessert plates.

One of the more creative dessert presentations.

It ain't over til the cleanup is done.

The Future Chefs are finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. The cooking portion is over.

Great job everybody and a great lunch by the Juniors, led by Bob Bobtchie!

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