Saturday, March 27, 2010

Future Chefs Cookoff 2010 Photos Part I

Let the Cookoff begin!

It's photo weekend here at TBF featuring a slew of pics from the recent Future Chefs Cookoff 2010 held at Le Cordon Bleu in Cambridge. Regular readers will know all about this fabulous organization by now so just sit back and enjoy the foodie view. Remember, you can click on any picture to enlarge it and all Future Chefs are free to copy, save or share any photos here with family and friends.

Judge Chef Chris Douglass of Ashmont Grill and Tavolo enjoys a lighthearted moment with the Future Chefs as the Cookoff begins.

Chopping and cutting. The Future Chefs were rated on technique and food safety as part of the judging.

The Cookoff begins.

The Future Chefs get busy preparing two plates: one for tasting, one for presentation.

Family and friends watch the Future Chefs from behind the glass partition.

Toni Elka ringing the half-time bell. One hour left to complete all dishes.

A proud moment for the photographers.

A Cookoff Judge consults her notes. Each dish had several comment sections to complete.

The judges carefully tasting all of the dishes.

Meanwhile, in another kitchen, Chef Bob Botchie of Myers + Chang leads the Juniors in preparing lunch for the crowd.

Look at the color of this asparagus! Perfect. A little-known fact reiterated at White House State Dinners: proper etiquette dictates it is perfectly acceptable to eat asparagus with one's hands!

More photos of the presentation plates will be posted tomorrow.

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