Friday, March 26, 2010

Video Fridays! Future Chefs Cookoff 2010

Our big goal for this year was to add more video to our blog and I am happy to say that we have accomplished that goal. Not only do our readers love it but we are very proud to say that we are the only local food blog to provide original content video on a regular basis. Video in blogs is the absolute wave of the future, we are happy to be doing it and plan to continue. In fact, today we are kicking off Video Fridays where each week we will bring you original, exclusive videos you will not get anywhere else.

This week we step behind the quiet exterior of Le Cordon Bleu, Cambridge, and into the bustling kitchens. The scene was the 2010 Cookoff for Future Chefs, the organization we introduced just a few weeks ago and already can't get enough of. These kids are so talented that it makes for a promising future for food lover's everywhere. This weekend we'll be posting lots of additional photos of these young people in action, all of whom are seniors in High School. We'll include photos of their final creations and, believe me, some of the presentations of these plates are on par with the best restaurants I have ever dined in. It's a great organization nurturing lots of talent with students who may never have had the chance at a scholarship. Thanks to Future Chefs eight of these students will receive a tuition scholarship to attain their Associate's Degree and three will receive apprenticeships at great restaurants. Many more videos of this event can be seen on YouTube by searching "futurechefs1" or clicking here.

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  1. Nice! My girlfriend works in admissions at Le Cordon Bleu - the facilities are beautiful!