Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let Them Eat Cupcakes

Along with this new economy we are all seeing some new opportunities, challenges and, well... new friends. We are getting the feeling that things really are going to be different this year. Some things are constant, however, and we savor these little traditions as we move towards creating a whole new network of people and way of thinking brought about by change.

Enter the cupcake.

Red velvet, banana creme, or chocolate ganache with coconut.

So you want to really wow the Missus (or I suppose even the Mister) with your creativity and romance this Valentine's Day? Throw away the tired, old routine of calling in an order of one dozen red roses to be delivered to the office... blah ... blah ... blah ... make it big and showy so all her co-workers see it ... blah .... blah ... blah ... your annual public display of affection blah ... blah ... blah ... BLAH.

Wake up that roiling pot of Love with something far more sensuous: Cupcakes.
The scent, the color, the feeling on the tongue ... what could be better?

The word cupcake first came into use in 1828 in E. Leslie's RECEIPTS COOKBOOK. It marked somewhat of a revolution in American kitchens. Up until that time all baking was measured out in weights, requiring expensive calibrated scales for precision. These were typically only bought and used by the affluent or, more likely, their cooks and staff. An unknown someone, somewhere around this time decided to switch to measuring dry ingredients by volume instead as in a cup of sugar, a cup of flour, etc. Since everyone could afford a tin measuring cup, home baking became much more widespread. There is also a theory that the mini cakes were actually cooked in teacups but I am not exactly sure I buy that story. After all, muffin tins had been around for years.

If, by chance, you simply don't have the time for actual butter and sugar mixing there are quality options guys. This comes primarily in the form of Boston's premier cupcake bakery: SWEET. Yes there are other bakeries but none that do cupcakes and cupcakes only, with rich ingredients, hand-made and decorated daily.

SWEET cupcake bakery in Boston.

The curse of all this, of course, is that you've raised the bar. You've replaced the same, old expectations with something new and surprisingly delightful, wistful and romantic. Like everyone is saying these days: Change is good ... but not too much change.

All of the batters, fillings and frosting at SWEET are made from scratch, using only the finest and freshest ingredients possible. After all, only the best for us.

SWEET Cupcake Bakery
49 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, MA 02115


  1. I am a huge cupcake fan! I would love to open up my own place one day. However right now I just go around finding different places that make them... and Sweet is by far my favorite!!

  2. aww, i have passed by but usually on my way to run along the river.... next time i'm bringing $$ :)