Friday, January 23, 2009

Travelling Without Moving

Part of the fun of living during this digital revolution is having your own, personal soundtrack to life and mine is the sound of food. Well ... mostly. My commute often includes a daily dose of the BBC Radio soap opera: THE ARCHERS. I stumbled upon it on my last trip to London when a hotel maid was listening to it on the radio as she was cleaning our room. I was immediately hooked. Now it's a regular on my "to do" list of podcasts to download.

The cast of the BBC 4 Soap Opera THE ARCHERS

I had no idea that radio soap operas still existed. I thought they went out with the advent of television but, apparently, THE ARCHERS has enjoyed an incredible surge in popularity due to, what else, the internet. It's amazing how addictive this show is. The fifteen minute show often involves talk of going to a restaurant for a bit of curry, meeting at a dance club called "The Electric" or discussing the best ways to handle the burgeoning sausage business that a few of the characters have. In other words, the residents of the fictitious little village of Ambridge are like the rest of us: facing the daily joy of food and drink.

To have a visit to Ambridge and download the podcast click here: The Archers

Another really interesting podcast I catch when I can is ReMARKable Palate. It's the delightful ear candy provided by Chef Mark Tafoya, a personal chef in New York City. Tafoya takes us all over the world, interviewing fellow chefs, food producers and fellow foodies.

More information and downloads of ReMARKable Palate can be found here:
ReMARKable Palate

Last but not least (and not because it's totally not foodie related) is Secret Agent. This is THE soundtrack for your stylish, mysterious, dangerous life, as the site that hosts the audio stream, SomaFM, describes it.

With lots of jazzy James Bond numbers and sound bites, sophisticated moods and grooves and enough retro to imagine yourself living the 60s high life, this soundtrack will make you feel as though your every step across a mid-town puddle is an act of espionage. It's sort of like the Dewar's Scotch of online DJ music.

And if spying just isn't your bit other SomaFM channels include: Illinois Street Lounge, Groove Salad, Drone Zone, Sonic Universe and Totally Doomed (perfect for Halloween). It's a virtual feast for the earbuds, commercial free.

Visit the site and start grooving today: SomaFM

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