Monday, January 26, 2009

House Of World Cultures

I just love this idea. The House of World Cultures is a leading centre for the contemporary arts and a venue for projects breaking through artistic boundaries. I really believe that the wave of the future will bring more and more international cultural celebrations, where people come from all geographic areas to share and exchange with others of similar interests, expanding their creativity, knowledge and spheres of influence globally.

It has set itself the task of presenting non European cultures through their fine arts, theatre, music, literature, film and the media and engaging them in a public discourse with European cultures. The House of World Cultures’ programme focuses on the contemporary arts and current developments in the cultures of Africa, Asia and Latin America as well as on the artistic and cultural consequences of globalisation. It gives priority to projects that explore the possibilities of both intercultural co-operation and its presentation.

House Of World Cultures, Berlin

Projects are developed and presented in close co-operation with international experts, curators and artists. A committee of experts comprising international artists and scientists advises the House of World Cultures on the development of its themes. The House also draws inspiration for important themes from its international network, which links it with cultural establishments and organisations round the globe. Original and innovative artistic programmes are developed in a discursive process from these network activities, and in close co-operation with the international curators.

The national and international reputation of the House of World Cultures is based on its innovative and experimental presentations of the fine arts, dance, theatre, film, literature and music as well as its international conferences. The big conference for 2009 will be January 28 through February 2, a bit soon for TBF to attend but definitely on the drawing board for 2010. We suggest you wear black. What an incredible way to celebrate global harmony and a world of ideas and a great excuse to eat our way through every hot restaurant in Berlin. In fact, we'd like to suggest a House Of World Foods, where traditionalists and the avant-garde can work side by side, exploring and defining the basic foundations of every ethnic cuisine

For some really interesting reading and cool ideas check out the site here:
House Of World Culture

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