Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What The Fluff

The All-American favorite Marshmallow Fluff.

A few years back a certain State Senator (who shall remain nameless) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts flew into a rage when his son brought home a school lunch menu featuring the choice of a "Fluffernutter Sandwich" made, of course, from Marshmallow Fluff and peanut butter. He immediately introduced legislation to ban the taste treat from all school lunches.

Needless to say the media had a field day, the bill failed and the Senator no longer holds public office. That strong was the sentiment toward this quintessential American favorite.

It also turned out that the stuff was invented and first manufactured in the Senator's own District!! How out of touch can a politician be? The public reaction to defeat of the bill was to establish the first annual Fluff Festival held annually in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Voting for Fluff.

The festival features a day of family fun with Fluff contests, Fluff Art, Fluff Games, a Fluff Recipe Contest, Costumes, music and, well ... tons of Fluff. Fluff on Man!!!

A Fluff volunteer dons the signature red cape of Fluff Boy!

A pool of Fluff.

Fluff Art.

Super Fluff Kid!

Loving the Fluff.

For more on the history of Fluff click on this Link: My Fluff

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