Thursday, October 2, 2008

Inside Sel de la Terre

The entrance to Sel de la Terre Restaurant and Bar on Boylston.

Perez Hilton we are not (thankfully) but when we get a scoop on new restaurants before the other bloggers we are happy. We visited the new Sel de la Terre Restaurant and Bar location today at the brand new, yet unopened to the public Mandarin Oriental Hotel, a luxury spot with real celebrity cache. Their other location on State Street has never served a disappointing meal as far as we know and this new location follows that tradition of excellence.

A glimpse of the fine wines inside the glass enclosed, climate controlled wine cellar at Sel de la Terre Restaurant on Boylston Street at the Mandarin Oriental.

What foodies will absolutely love about this spot is the glass enclosed kitchen, where you can watch every moment of the food preparation and maybe even some ensuing drama. If you've ever worked in a kitchen before you know what I mean. Many diners, however, totally miss this view as you can only see it from the back corridor connecting the new hotel and Prudential Shopping Center to the Lord and Taylor store. Don't miss out. Walk around back and take a look. As we were snapping photos through the glass partition a passerby actually asked us if this was a new cooking school!

Bicycles dangle from the ceiling of the lower level bar at Sel de la Terre.

Dining room at Sel de la Terre restaurant.

The main dining room, upstairs from the bar, is an essay in excellent design and flatteringly low lighting. The service is efficient, professional and polite. You simply can't seem to go wrong here.

We went for lunch and opted for the oven roasted chicken breast sandwich with crispy pancetta, fontina, avocado spread and smoked paprika aïoli served on sourdough bread. The parchment-like fresh potato chips were seasoned and lighter than air. We could have had an entire plate of just these but the sandwich was also excellent.

Working behind the scenes at Sel de la Terre.

Inside the kitchen at Sel de la Terre.

Another peek inside the Sel de la Terre kitchens.

Recession? You'd never know it by the throngs of people at the Prudential Shopping Center restaurants.

Sel de la Terre
774 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02199

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