Thursday, April 10, 2008

Foodie Paradise

A Foodscape by Australian photographer Carl Warner

If there is a foodie paradise then it's been found by Australian photographer Carl Warner who began these amazing photos by raiding his own pantry in an effort to get his children more interested in nutrition. Take a closer look and you will see that the scenes are made up entirely of arranged food! It's fascinating to see and the process is just as interesting. Broccoli trees, mountains of rustic bread and even a red sky at night formed entirely of salmon strips. Reminds me of the days when, as a child, I use to make gravy rivers in my mashed potatoes. Thanks to Renee, our dear friend and avid TBF reader, for sending us this idea. Renee ponders how much fun it would be to work with and dream of food all day long. But Renee..... we already do that!!

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Good snacks from World of Grains.

Along with the stack of invitations and special offers we receive every week we also get a number of new products on the market to test and and review. Regretfully, most of them never get reviewed as we can't find anything either new or exciting about them. Not so with this new snack product from World of Grains, being tested in our markets here in the New England. While most of us would love to fix a bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast every morning it's rare that any of us have the time. Yet, fiber is so important to our health and well being. Well, one serving of these tallies in at 12 grams of whole grain fiber with a minimal 3 grams of fat! Nice job. The best part is that you can carry the handy packs with you as you rush from meeting to meeting during your hectic day. They come in five flavors: blueberry, cranberry, oatmeal raisin, apple cinnamon, and multigrain. So far we have tried the blueberry and cranberry. We can't decide which we like better! You can find these at a Whole Foods Market near you.

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