Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's Arrived! It's Arrived!

The beautifully foodie Clotilde Dusoulier.

After putting in my advance order many months ago I've been eagerly anticipating my fellow blogger's new book: "CLOTILDE'S EDIBLE ADVENTURES IN PARIS". I envy anyone who turns their love of food and blogging into a full-time writing career. This is Clotilde Dusoulier's second book and, of course, her now famous blog, and also the title of her first book, is Chocolate and Zucchini. She always finds something new and interesting to write about and the new book features her treasure trove of foodie finds in the city of Paris. We can't wait to get back and hunt them all down in each and every arrondisement. We hope the book tour makes it to Boston this time Clotilde!

Nana relaxing at Paula Deen's

Meanwhile, while Nana and the grand kids have been soaking up the warm weather down South and hobnobbing with all the other foodies at Paula Deen's place in Savannah, we've been quietly curling up with Clotilde's book every night reliving all of those memories of our fantastic dining experiences in the City of Light. Despite all of the false rumors Parisians are, to me, perhaps the most charming people in the world. Indeed, charm is a value and they are strictly raised to be polite at all costs and observe all of the careful rules of etiquette. They have raised the experience of dining to an art form so it's fun to have this book all about the markets to shop at, and tours of the best boulangeries (bakeries), fromageries (cheese shops) and everything else. There is always an endless amount of new places to explore in Paris. And for foodies there is nowhere like it.

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