Thursday, October 18, 2018

Local Craft Spirits Festival

Willie's Superbrew featured Sparkling Pomegranate and Ginger Lemon brews.

The Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts recently hosted a festival featuring many of the local spirits and brews throughout New England and we were pleasantly surprised that there is so much going on in this community. Willie's Superbrew was a new one for us.  Light, slightly fizzy and refreshing this went down as more of a soda rather than a beer and would be ideal for a hot summer's day.

Havoc Mead of Vermont was pouring Root Of All Evil, Psychopomp and Hop Swarm Meads.
One of our favorite sips of the night were the meads from Havoc Mead.  This is not the mulled wine that brings to mind goblets held by princes in medieval castles.  The flavors were very light and went down smooth.  Mead is one of the up and coming new brews that cannot be quite classified as a beer or a wine.

There was also a mixology competition featuring some of the products offered for sampling.

The Mexican Street corn was not bad either although our only lament of the night was the event needed more food.  After a few samples of hard liquor there were lots of college lads stumbling around but all in all a fun, informative night.


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