Monday, October 29, 2018

Halloween Cake Decorating At Magnolia Bakery

We donned the rain gear and headed on over to Faneuil Hall last week at the invitation of Magnolia Bakery for their Halloween Cake Decorating Class.

As a former professional baker who never really specialized in cake decorating at all it was a chance to update my skills and to be reminded that with just a few simple tricks and tips (and the right tools) anyone can produce quality results.

We created all sorts of ghosts and ghouls and even just frosted some in bright colors with the standard drop, smooth and dip technique that Magnolia uses on all their cakes.  The frosting is also real buttercream frosting not the cheapo shortening stuff that sticks on your tongue like a layer of lard - which it is.

All in all a very fun night and a chance to meet some new, local bloggers.  Happy Halloween, everybody!


We were invited to attend this event as members of the press/media without promise of any editorial consideration.

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