Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Brunch At Joe's Newbury Street

It's the holidays.  More than likely you'll be having at least one brunch out with friends or family.  We always get asked for good brunch locations so when Joe's on Newbury Street invited us to a recent get-together we couldn't say no.

First, the place is on Boston's most fashionable street, Newbury Street, and second, it's a stone's throw from Copley and Prudential Center, the two others. 

It's a nice crowd that runs the gamut from frat boys to families with plenty of room for everyone.

We began with Bellinis and appetizers like the Pork Sliders, Tuna Tartare and Deviled Eggs, which were a surprising hit.  It always amazes me how this retro plate is popular with everyone no matter where one goes.

My main was the Lobster Fritatta which was very good and the perfect texture.

Also good was the Eggs Benedict with potatoes that were excellent. 

Although I did not sample the Bagels And Lox myself, the salmon looked very good and I liked the way you are left to construct the plate your own way. 

And, of course, this being a blogger event there were tons of pictures to be had. 


And then more pictures, always the food writer's dilemma:  do you make every photo the best it can be or jump into the food before it starts to get cold?

The other thing I like about Joe's on Newbury is that it literally never closes.  They are open 365 days a year including holidays.  They are also now open for breakfast.  In fact, we were told by the Chef that most of the staff lives nearby so that even in snowstorms and blizzards you can be pretty certain they will be open when no one else is.  So don't be snowed in and stir crazy.  That's often one of the best times to go!

Joe's American Grill
181 Newbury Street
Boston, MA  02116
Telephone:  617.536.4200


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