Friday, April 15, 2016

Happy Anniversary Mr. Sid

If you can survive for forty years in the fashion industry then you can survive anything.  So, it was time to celebrate this week at the legendary Mr. Sid in Newton Centre, home of luxury fashion brands for men.  God only knows how much we enjoy men's fashion events and shows.  Sponsored by fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna and hosted by Esquire Magazine, it was a class act from start to finish.

We shopped the store, forgetting how big the place actually is and the extent of all that is offered.  It's a classic haberdashery with that old-world feel of total quality, a touch of modern but never trendy. And the basement is devoted to Chivalry, the men's "Grooming Parlour", an exclusive, hidden gem.

Alongside the suits that can be custom-tailored were custom-made drinks and tastes being served up by none other than Chef Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger and Blue Dragon, one of our favorite Ft. Point spots to dine.  The Smashed Shrimp was delicious.

Andrew and Bik.

(R) Barry Segel (co-owner) and guest.

And what would an elegant fashion event be without Boston Herald Lifestyle Editor Erica Corsano in the house? We are huge fans of the Status Report weekly radio show.  Congratulations Mr. Sid and here's to another forty years of classic looks for men.

Mr. Sid
1211 Centre Street
Newton, MA  02459
Telephone:  617.969.4540
Twitter:  @Newtonsid 

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