Monday, April 11, 2016

Dine With Daniel Boulud

Our friend Chef Daniel Boulud will be swinging back into town this week and will be happy to meet you at special dining events at Bar Boulud at Boston's Mandarin Oriental.

Two events are scheduled for tomorrow evening.  There is a four course dinner being held in the private dining room at 7:30 PM being served by Chef Boulud with very limited availability.  Yes, think exclusive.  This intimate experience can be booked by going here

A more casual event, "Bar Bites With Boulud", will run from 5-7PM  where you can mingle with Chef while enjoying small bites and a cocktail.  The more casual event can be booked here.

Having eaten here many times I can tell you that the food is always great and this is a great opportunity to meet with an award-winning, internationally-recognized Chef.  Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Another place I really like - and liked immediately, from the first visit. Not just the quality of the food or the creativity of the wine/cocktail offerings, but the service itself just had an air of warmth and hospitality than you absolutely don't find very often at high end Boston places. Bistro du Midi comes to mind, Troquet is another. Condescension and pretentiousness rules the day rather than playful, warm authenticity as at Bar Boulud.