Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Chicken & Rice Guys

The Chicken & Rice Guys have opened their second restaurant (in addition, of course, to their famous food trucks) and since it's right around the corner we figured we'd stop by and check it out.  It seems like we've been visiting lots of casual dining spots recently and Medford Square is finally getting some bright spots to add to the list.

There are basically two options here:  shredded chicken or shredded lamb.  Plates come in two sizes. We recommend the larger, which is twice the size for an extra two dollars.  All plates begin with a layer of rice not unlike fried rice, a layer of lettuce and then one's choice of meat with three toasted pita triangles.  There are also a number of add-ins and sauces to choose from.  We went with the chicken and the creamy garlic sauce.  The verdict:  it was quite good and in all likeliness we'll be heading back.

The space is bright, modern and airy and board games are provided for those who wish to hang with friends for a bit.  On the Saturday we visited several tables of twenty-somethings and hipsters were doing just that.

Chicken & Rice Guys
64 Salem Street
Medford, MA  02155
Telephone:  617.903.8538
Twitter:  @cnrguys

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  1. Chicken and rice is like music to my ears! I wish we had one of these in my area, it looks really tasty! I think any restaurant that started from a food truck knows what they are doing and are worth trying!