Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mia Wines: Lunch With Gloria Collell

Spanish winemaker Gloria Collell was in town recently and invited us to lunch at Tapeo to introduce us to her new line of wines called Mia produced in conjunction with Freixenet.  And what a glorious lunch it was.  We laughed a lot, sipped her wines, talked wine and international foods and I enjoyed an afternoon in the company of accomplished women and wine-lovers.

Paella was on the menu, in addition to a slew of tapas at the popular Newbury Street spot with an authentic Spanish feel.

We sipped the Mia White, Red and Rosé, along with her Moscato and Pink Moscato.  The wines are light, refreshing and less dry, aimed at a female market and absolutely sure to be a hit, fruity and unpretentious.  I especially liked the white.  The Moscato was also excellent.  Moscato has been a hot wine over the past few years but some find most labels to be exceedingly, almost soda pop sweet.  Not here.  It's a far less sweet Moscato and a Gold Medal winner of the Berliner Wein Trophy 2014.

All of the Mia wines will be on the market here soon and we are sure you will not be disappointed in any of them, especially when sharing something new with friends from a lady who is a passionate wine maker and enthusiast.  

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