Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bobby's Burger Palace

It may not be a literal palace but it definitely a great burger place and a model of efficiency:  Bobby's Burger Palace.  We dropped by at a recent visit to Mohegan Sun to check it out, although you don't have to go that far since they've opened a brand new outpost in Burlington.  The sleek design belies a great, old-fashioned burger hut where the food is served up quickly and deliciously.  When we arrived the line seemed miles long but we really did not have to wait long at all.

It's just great burgers like this, the Crunchburger, which I ordered.  With certified Angus beef, the Crunchburger is prepared with double American cheese and potato chips not on the side but high atop the burger.  And if you're not in the mood for beef you can also order ground turkey or chicken breast.  My medium rare order at this fast, casual eatery was served up perfectly.

And what's better to match with a burger than a milk shake?  In my case it was a pistachio malted shake, served up thick and creamy with plenty of malt flavor.  Flavors range from vanilla bean to mango and can be spiked with bourbon, rum or vodka.

The onion rings were also meaty and practically the size of doughnuts!  The crisp batter was neither greasy nor soggy.

Dean went with the Bobby Blue Burger and opted for the ground turkey.  It comes with blue cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato.  Nice!  Prices range from a scant $6.75 for burgers and $5.00 for the milkshake.

No question that Bobby Flay knows how to turn out a great burger and seems to have the ordering and serving system down to a science.  We'd certainly recommend a visit.

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