Saturday, January 12, 2013

After some time off, and reflection on the future, we've decided to relaunch the blog with a larger, more meaningful scope.  So many readers have asked us to not give up the blog.  We wanted it to be something different, something that would stand apart from all of the now hundreds of Boston food blogs.  Besides, most of our email these days seems to come from people who are not only looking for some great food finds but also for places to go, things to do, new ideas and interesting events in and around Boston.  So, we are expanding to include those things.  Artists.  Writers.  Plays.  Music.  Film.  We're open.  We'll still be covering the food scene here, although in more selective ways.  In addition, we've begun a new blog called Boston Beyond The Food.  We hope you'll visit us there and join us in exploring all of the other amazing things that Boston has to offer.

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