Friday, December 21, 2012

The Food Writer's Fridge

I constantly get asked if I actually cook.  People see so many posts about food events and dinners enjoyed in many restaurants in and around Boston that they seem to assume I eat out every night.  Some food writers do.  There are also quite a few who don't cook at all but I do.  So, I thought I'd give my readers a peek inside my holiday fridge and would encourage all local food bloggers to do the same.  It's a nice break from all of those mouth-watering, often styled, carefully lit photographs of the beautiful plates of food we all enjoy.  Yet, even food writers are regular people who eat Cocoa Puffs and Beefaroni (at times) just like everyone else.

As you can see, there are lots of leftovers.  Pan-seared, marinated salmon fillet, lasagna, grilled chicken,stir fry,  grilled or steamed vegetables, and usually some rice or pasta.  I also have lots of condiments and sauces.  One favorite is reduced balsamic glaze.  I often use a hybrid butter on morning toast or pastries but always cook with real, unsalted, quality butter.  Kerrygold or Plugra are great choices.  European butters have a richer flavor due to a higher butterfat content.  I go through a lot of low fat cottage cheese.  Breakfast is often a banana, cottage cheese and a fruit breakfast bar with coffee.  I also use a lot of 1% milk.  It works best to heat and work up that foam for my (average) three cups of café au lait each morning.

I love fruit juices.  I often have iced tea with lunch.  I almost never, ever drink soft drinks.  I always have some beer and wine in there.  I usually have a non-dairy creamer for any guests who are having coffee but don't do dairy.  I have to admit that I like the flavored choices myself occasionally.  I always have eggs and always have fresh apples, which should be stored in the fridge and not in a bag.  The bins are filled with cheeses and vegetables: lettuces, broccoli, brussels sprouts and green onion, all of which I try to use up as quickly as possible and which often dictate what I'll be cooking that night.

I bake a lot (former baker here) and typically have a late night sweet with cocoa.  I also eat junk food.  My latest favorite is coconut delight Oreos!  There are always two full gallons of room temperature water, which I drink constantly.  And, yes, I am able to stay thin because, although I break almost all the rules that anyone on a diet lives by, I eat in small portions, always have a full breakfast and get plenty of exercise.

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  1. I like this glimpse of your everyday life. But Will! Bummer that you are retiring from being a food blogger!!! I will miss your posts. But hopefully we will still bump into each other. My mom sends her regards, I am with my family now in the Philippines :)