Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Granary Tavern Opening

They say location is everything and when we stopped in at the opening party for Granary Tavern recently we were still marvelling at how this area of the Greenway is really bustling.  A stone's throw from perennial tourist favorite Faneuil Hall and on the lower end of Milk Street, it fringes both the thriving Financial District and the Waterfront.  The food, although it was just passed appetizers and cocktails, was good, too.  This Flatbread with Figs, Irish Bacon and Goat Cheese was a great modern twist on hearty tavern fare, just crispy enough but packed with a great combination of flavors reminiscent of Fall.

We enjoyed the atmosphere with lots of friends like Samantha House, Editor of Stylefixx.  I sipped a "Ginger Rogers":  Vodka, Ginger Liqueur, Lemon, Mint and Ginger Ale, a playful, refreshing take on popular ginger cocktails with the spirit of a Jolly Roger.  The feeling here is unmistakably tavern-like, (the building is, after all,   an actual former Granary) both comfortable and modern with a welcoming two floors and an inviting space to meet friends after work.

This Fried Chicken Slider on a (very fresh) Biscuit was very good.  I felt compelled to have two.  I enjoyed them along with the Fall Sangria:  Spiced Red Wine with a hint of cinnamon.  Again, it was a throwback to the type of spiced drinks one might find at an authentic New England tavern, with a new twist.

The Salmon Rillette on Crostini was also very good, flavored with capers and a sweet relish, it gave the salmon a newer taste than the typical pan-seared versions.

Given the location just steps away from all those hungry, and thirsty, financial types looking for a nearby place to unwind and the weekend crowds along the Greenway and Waterfront, we predict that Granary Tavern will do just fine.

Granary Tavern
170 Milk Street
Boston, MA 02110
Telephone: 617.449.7110

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