Thursday, October 4, 2012

Boston Wine Expo 2013 Preview

Although it is months away, February to be exact, a few weeks back we were invited to be among a select group of prominent Boston food bloggers for a preview of the Boston Wine Expo 2013.  This is an event that we have attended for years now and regularly feature in depth on the blog.

The evening was set at Action Kitchen as the Seaport Hotel, a fantastic space for hosting food events with state-of-the-art equipment and a full staff of cooks and servers.

We sampled tapenade and other foods that will be featured, talked about the upcoming Expo and sipped wines that will also be available for anyone attending the popular event.

Baked Salmon with Rice Noodles, Shitake Mushrooms and Bean Sprouts.  In years past people have voiced the concern that more food should be served.  The Expo listened and much more food, as well as restaurants will be featured in 2013.  In addition, many local restaurants will be hosting Vintner Dinners during the week leading up to the Expo with special menus and wine pairings at a set prix fixe price.

Crispy Fried Weathervane Scallops with Malt Vinegar Tartar and Fennell Slaw.  In addition to more food there will be more seminars, an expanding Grand Cru, a new Blogger Ambassador Program and a Social Media Lounge where bloggers will be able to escape the crowds to update readers and followers in real time.

Oh, and the wine ... we tasted several, including an Alexander Valley (Sonoma) Zinfandel called "Sin Zin" that we really liked and a Nicholas Granata Malbec that was excellent.  Stay tuned for more updates on all of the goings-on as the date draws near.

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