Saturday, October 13, 2012

E H Chocolatier

We get sent lots of samples to try and perhaps review or write about.  They run the gamut from new products, products with inventive new packaging, health food items (those seem to be very big) and all kinds of kitchen gadgets and gizmos.  Many are unremarkable and end up in the trash after a single bite.  Whenever we get chocolate or candy, however, we are always intrigued.

The chocolate would pretty much have to be very low quality for us to not want to try it all.  When we received an assortment from local confectioner E H Chocolatier we simply could not get enough.  Excellent, premium chocolates made in their own little shop in Somerville.

Virtually everything we tried was great but a few were particular standouts.  An absolute favorite was the little owl-shaped chocolates called Wise Guys, filled with a creamy maple pecan butter and chocolate mix.

Another was the Honey Caramel.  They also offer a share program, much like a farm share, where you can resupply with each new bounty.  Nice stuff E H Chocolatier!  You definitely get our approval.

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