Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dream Kitchens At BDC

The Boston Design Center recently threw open it's doors and invited the public in for a couple of days of events entitled "The Look".  The open house was a chance to view showrooms, attends seminars, enjoy some food and have the chance to chat with inspiring designers.  We were lucky to attend.

We started off the morning with coffee, pastries and breakfast treats before taking in a presentation on design trends for 2013.  Muted yellows and deep blues are predicted to be hot colors and for patterns it's stripes and florals with super-saturated hues.  The Metropolitan look will continue to dominate, with smaller, urban-industrial design spaces and personal, one-of-a-kind designs that stress individuality will flourish.

We then wandered the myriad of antique showrooms  It's like a huge museum of design, with all styles represented.  As usual, click on any picture to enlarge.

We also checked out the latest bathroom looks which show a distinct trend toward classic design, ageless and beyond trends.

Our special mission, however, was to check out the kitchen design showrooms and see what the future has on the horizon.  With a nod to the urban trend, these cityscape backsplashes seem to be growing in popularity.  The murals can be customized and changed.  It kind of reminded me of facebook!

All brushed-steel, heavily industrial or commercial looks are being traded in for more homey, classic New England or other regional looks representing a more European culture.

Tiles and ceramics are big as are clean, classicly-designed wooden cabinets.

Laminates and resin compounds are making a comeback in a modern, minimalist look coupled with the latest, hi-tech appliances.

Dramatic lighting and stone surfaces are also very strong looks.  We actually liked the look of this kitchen with black cabinets adding a strong contrast, offset with big, bright lights.  The possibilities are endless and the design ideas were bountiful.  A day well-spent!

Another technological touch, demonstrated here by Shirin Tahsili, of moda cucina are the tap-to-open cabinets.  Just a simple tap and the cabinet opens or closes for you.

Thanks to both moda cucina and Your German Kitchen for assistance with this blog post.

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