Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Maki-rrito At Avery Provision Co.

We recently met up with local bloggers for lunch in Downtown Crossing and stopped in at Avery Provision Co.  We were there to sample the lunch finds and, specifically, to taste the Maki-rrito, a sushi burrito certain to be the next trend.  It's already big in California, so we are told.

Avery has quite the selection of take-home prepared foods, sandwiches, pastries, breads and drinks.  Looking for a quick picnic on the Boston Common in this crisp Fall weather?  This would be the ideal pit stop to fill that gourmet hamper.

I noshed on a classic chicken cutlet sandwich (not shown) which was good.  Che Knight of Knight At The Restaurant invited me to sample a few of her Braised Brussell Sprouts, which were excellent.  Others tried a selection of panini, all reportedly great, as well.
The star of the show was, however, the Maki-rrito, in both taste and presentation.  The spicy sauce artfully dressed the plate in brilliant colors.
The tuna in the Maki-rrito was excellent and I loved the crunch of the tempura. Very nice!  I am sure that these will prove to be quite popular which means, of course, that they soon will be popping up all over and everyone will be touting them as their new and exciting menu item.  I'd suggest you head over to Downtown Crossing and be the first to do so.  It's worth the trip.
Avery Provision Co.
581 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111
Telephone: 617.357.0888

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