Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Creative Dining At Aquitaine

Last night we attended a dinner hosted by Privateer Rum at Aquitaine, Boston.  It started out with these booty bags of Mojito Popcorn.  Think fresh popcorn with a lime flavor, something we had never experienced before.  On the front of each bag was the privateer you were assigned and on the back was printed the evening's four course menu.  I was John Ordronaux, a privateer who sank 30 British ships and brought in about $250,000 to America in the War Of 1812. What a Great icebreaker and an amazing dinner.  Full post to follow.

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  1. Love Aquitaine. Actually looking quite forward to their newest venture in the South End opening too. I wrote a bit of gossip about the restaurant's pending opening recently. Looks like the vacant restaurant spaces are all filling up in the SE again. Surely a good sign for the economy.